【Dr.Wami】Oral care spray for pets (For Dogs)

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Decomposes bad breath and maintains the acid-base balance of the oral environment
PH10 can quickly neutralize the acidity of the mouth. After use, it will quickly decompose
bad breath through the buffering effect of saliva to balance the environment of vitamin
acid and maintain oral health.

The product is pure natural plant ingredients, harmless to pets and can be swallowed directly
The product is made of pure natural plant ingredients. It has passed the international standard
certification laboratory test and does not contain harmful substances, heavy metals and
microorganisms, and meets the "pet food safety regulations" of the European Union, the
United States, Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries. It is non-medicinal and has a mild
taste, which is safe for pets Harmless and can be swallowed directly.



  • ​​​​​For dogs and for cats
  • Product size: 150ml / 5.0oz
  • Product ingredients: plant extract enzymes, bioflavonoids, apple polyphenols, maltitol,pure water
  • How to use: Twice a day , In the morning and evening or after eating and drinking, please press the nozzle and spray evenly on the surface of the pet's teeth and the inner wall of the upper and lower jaws. A 5ml measuring cup is included in the package. If the pets are not used to spraying with the nozzle, It is recommended to use a measuring cup, please pour out 5ml of the mouth spray and let the pets lick it directly.
  • Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan.
  • Advice: If dental calculus has formed in the pet's mouth, it is recommended to seek professional veterinarians for dental calculus removal treatment. Use this product in conjunction with daily health care for the pet's oral cavity to keep the oral cavity in the best condition.
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