【Dr.Wami】Digestive care drops for pets

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Effectively reduce pet excrement and urine odor
Helps adjust the internal environment of pets, has anti-oxidation effect,
 improves physical fitness, promotes digestion, eliminates waste in the body, 
removes acidic metabolites in the body, makes blood weakly alkaline, 
improves the balance of intestinal flora, reduces pet excrement and urine odor.
The product is made of natural plant ingredients, harmless to pets 
and can be swallowed directly
The product is made of pure natural plant ingredients, has passed the international
 standard certification laboratory test, does not contain harmful substances, heavy
 metals and microorganisms, and meets the international standards for pet food grade
 in the European Union, the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries. 
It is non-medicinal and has a mild taste. It is harmless to pets and can be swallowed directly.








  • ​​​​​For dogs and for cats
  • Product size: 60ml / 2oz.
  • Product ingredients:  Plant extract enzymes, bioflavonoids,
    yucca extract, enoki mushroom extract, maltitol, food grade spices, purified water.
  • How to use: add to pet drinking water daily, it is recommended 
    to use 1ml drops to mix 200ml drinking water, please refill every time you
     change fresh drinking water
  • Country of Origin: 100% Made in Taiwan
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