【Dr.Wami】Body Antibacterial Deodorant Spray For Pets

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Take care of your pet's skin and stay away from pest crisis

Instantly decompose and eliminate the smell of your pet's body and overcome the problem of pet dislike or inconvenience in bathing.

Protect your pet's body and feet from germs; add natural bitter oil formula,

It can form a protective environment on the skin  and keep away from insects.

The product passed the SGS international standard certification laboratory inspection.

  • 適用對象:全犬、貓通用
  • 產品容量:200ml / 7oz.
  • 產品成分:Purified Water、Soyethyl Morpholinium Ethosulfate、Benzethonium Chloride、Sodium Benzoate、Citric Acid、Fragrance、Neem Oil
  • 使用方法:可使用於寵物皮毛、足底、生殖器、肛門等部位之清潔,使用時請將毛髮逆向撥 開,適量噴灑於皮膚表面,靜待30秒後以吹風機吹乾或以乾淨的毛巾擦拭噴灑部位,使其自然乾燥即可,無須清洗。
  • 原產地:100%台灣生產製造
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